Parking Blocks


Recycled rubber or concrete parking blocks

High-quality durable recycled plastic, recycled rubber or concrete parking blocks. Provide safety for your customers with the clean look parking blocks provide.

Parking stops, otherwise known as wheel stops or parking blocks, are simple blocking mechanisms that are meant to stop a vehicle from rolling forward when parked in a certain area. Parking stops are similar to speed bumps in the way that they are made, but they are usually taller and they have steeper sides. Speed bumps are meant to be driven over, but wheel stops are meant to actually prevent a car from moving.

Please Note: Our Parking Blocks/Bollard Covers are for installation in our service area only. Not for retail sales.

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Inset_PB_2Recycled Rubber Wheel Stops

These rubber car stops are made from 100% recycled tires. Stops  are pre-drilled with 3/4″ holes and installed with anchoring spikes.


  • UV, moisture, oil and temperature resistant
  • Will  not warp, crack, chip or rot
  • Flexible, to conform to uneven road surfaces

Inset_PB_3Recycled Plastic Wheel Stops

Our plastic car stops are made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic. They are durable, yet light in weight so you can install them with ease, and they never need painting. Using recycled plastic diverts material from the waste stream, and their lighter weight reduces transportation
energy consumption and shipping costs

Inset_PB_InventoryConcrete Wheel Stops

An industry standard, concrete parking blocks provide protection for your landscape, signage and sidewalk.

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