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Quality Sealcoating Services

KPS Lotlines offers Quality Sealcoating Services for homeowners and businesses throughout south central Indiana.

Sealcoating substantially reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of asphalt pavement. The cost of sealcoating is minor compared to the cost of pavement replacement and it is the quickest way to beautify and increase a business’ curb appeal. KPS sealcoating crews have many years of experience behind them and use only the best quality seal coat product for every job.

Some of the Benefits of seal coating include:

  • Protects against oxidation from suns UV rays
  • Seals out water to prevent damage from freeze/thaw cycles
  • Ice & Snow melt faster
  • Increases the value of your property

sealcoating-long-drivewayKPS proudly uses Brewer CoteĀ® products for the best value and quality. Materials are metered and mixed exactly the same, ensuring our customers will have the longest lasting finished product.


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Hot Rubber Crack Fill

Crack filling can be the most important preventative maintenance for your parking lot or driveway.

Asphalt Repair

Patching is a good solution to extending the life of pavement when small, isolated areas have deteriorated and need to be repaired quickly.

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