Hot Rubber Crack Fill


Hot Rubber Crack Repair

KPS Lotlines offers quality Hot Rubber Crack Repair Services for homeowners and businesses throughout south central Indiana. 

The Asphalt Institute indicates that crack sealing/filling is the single most important pavement maintenance activity.

Properly applied, it will prevent water from penetrating into the sub-base of your asphalt. Water penetration through open cracks deteriorates the sub-base by erosion and freeze/thaw cycles.

Evidence of this can be observed from the following conditions:

  • Void under asphalt
  • Alligatoring or unraveling of asphalt
  • Pot holes

If left unattended, these cracks can compromise the  integrity of your asphalt and possibly lead to complete failure of your parking lot or driveway.

Let KPS inspect your asphalt for cracks and provide a free estimate for crack filling.

Our crack filling service includes:

  • Cleaning of cracks with power equipment and forced air to remove any vegetation or debris
  • Rubber is melted in temperature regulated kettles and applied with specialized equipment
  • When necessary, a Detach solution is sprayed on rubber to open up immediately for traffic.

Cracks should be inspected every 1-2 years for the best service life of your asphalt.

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